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Shop on the Dope Mall App

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  • Choose a unique name for your online shop: this is the name that will appear on the Dope Mall marketplace! It is forbidden to use a registered trademark in your shop name without the brand authorization.
  • Your name or the name of the person in your team who will manage your account. This is the contact we will primarily use to contact you.
  • Another number where we can reach you
  • Your account will be linked to this email address and we will use it to send all our communications.
  • Business Information

  • As per our terms and conditions, it is mandatory to declare if you are already operating a shop on Dope Mall: any undisclosed shop will be closed once discovered.
  • Please list the name(s) of your existing shop(s), separated by semi-colons.
  • The only valid reason to open a new shop is to sell a new brand/category of products: new shop creations are not allowed to sell products you are/were already selling on another shop.
  • If you are a Business Entity/Company, indicate your legal name/company name
  • Please write down your own name in case you are an individual
  • Please ensure that the document that you provide includes the list of the company ultimate beneficial owners. Dope Mall reserves the right to contact you to confirm beneficial ownership.
  • Under Sierra Leone's legislation, TIN is required for all individuals and corporates deriving income.
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